Software Craftsmanship

It has always been a passion of mine that the skills of software engineering are passed down in the same manner that the skills from any industry are passed from person to person, retaining the skills that experience has taught us what works and what does not. Software engineering is no exception and done well an experienced software engineer can teach those under his wing the skills to be better engineers, the practices that an engineer may read about in books or on Stack Overflow but with real world application.

When I first joined HAVAS LYNX I could see very clearly that from across its business its culture was dedicated to this practice, the CEO started as an office junior and many of its employees have started in junior positions and worked up through the company.  Even now with dedicated training, support and mentorship in the form of LYNX Academy the investment in every member of staff to grow and learn is a very part of what it means work at Lynx.

Within HAVAS HEALTH SOFTWARE we have long made an investment in software engineers, from industry placement students up to technical architects I am proud of the growth of my team and the commitment to keep the learning going to the next generation.  At every level we follow two simple rules:

  • We always have something to learn.
  • We are willing to teach others.

Following these rules means that one-on-one or in groups we are both teaching and learning the skills of software engineering and never assume we know everything. I have been in this industry 20 years and every day I learn something new, be it from a technical architect to a placement, I encourage folks to share, discuss and explore.


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