Software Craftsmanship 2011

Just one of those things that I change blog location and then take a 5 month break from blogging (I do use twitter a lot though). After the break I do want get my blogging back on track and while I was down at Bletchly Park last week for the Software Craftsmanship 2011 conference I really want to get my thoughts down.

This was my first visit to the home of the code breakers and I really hope that you all get to visit, it is an inspiring place with a rich vein of history in our industry.  An ideal place for a conference on software with a focus on how we as software engineers can be better at what we do.

The sessions were in the large part hands on with pairing up to work on software problems,  this as a learning tool is invaluable and what struck me the most was the depth of attendees. I paired up on several occasions with Java programmers, with me working in C# and between us we forgot the daft language arguments and focused on solving the problems following good software engineering principles (SOLID, DRY re-factoring etc). One tool I was introduced to at the conference was NCrunch and used it across all my sessions, I cannot recommend it enough for TDD and will be a tool to watch.

The last session of the day was titled ‘Medical codes of conduct in Software’ and it stuck in my mind the most in that it talked about how the medical profession has codes of conduct and how that could be applied to software teams. It created a lot of discussion with the attendees and I like the idea of software teams drafting up their own internal codes of conduct both internal to the team and across the business.


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