The year ahead, 2011.

When I look back at last years look at 2010 my blogging rate has not changed much (I suspect this is largely down to using Twitter a lot) but my interests this year have developed a lot further.

My view on 2010 would be that Microsoft would commit more to OSS, while I wanted to see more hires from that audience and more projects on Outercurve foundation instead there has been support for JQuery and Gems (aka NuGet). I would love to see more from Microsoft on the OSS front in 2011, Outercurve could become like the Apache foundation with enough support.

Staying on the Microsoft front I predict that 2011 will bring the following.

  • C# 5.0 will go RTM (still no MOP though)
  • The next release of VS will go alpha or early beta
  • MS MVC 4.0 (I think by Mix time) and maybe this release will get a command line.

I also suspect that Microsoft will want to target the tablet market with WP7 in 2011 (Mix 2011 maybe…).

I also predict the following

  • Java will fork with Apache\Google. Oracle will then take them to court and the whole thing will boil right through 2011 (Java have had enough court cases, come on guys). Java and the JVM will sadly not move forward at all in 2011.
  • Android will cause Apple a serious headache, both the smartphone and tablet market will see figures cut from Apple share. By the end of 2011 the current 70% apple market share will be 40-50%. As the features, performance and price of Android devices gets ever better Apple will be left out in the open.

Lastly after 7 years I intend to move this blog away from weblogs. In 2011 I will be exploring Java, Ruby\Rails and Android and such subjects don’t make sense to talk about it here.

See you in 2011.


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