MbUnit\Gallio 3.2

MbUnit\Gallio 3.2 was released today and includes many new features and fixes.

The release notes can be found here, you can find the download here.


Icarus continues to grow as feature rich GUI for running unit tests, this feature has added a search feature as well a number of bug fixes.


New command line option to allow reports to be compressed as a Zip.

We also offer this support in the MsBuild task, CCNet task and PowerShell integration.

VS Integration

As noted in previous posts Gallio has offered integration with the VS unit test tools for some time now, in this release we have added support for the new VS10 Data Collector feature.


You can now configure TD.NET options from within the Gallio control panel.


This release has added a number of new features to MbUnit. 

The Mirror framework replaces the reflection support that has existed since v2 and offers a powerful way of testing non public members.



Also see this post from it’s author.

Brand new XML Assertions

  • Assert.Xml.AreEqual
  • Assert.Xml.Exists 
  • Assert.Xml.IsUnique
See the new documention on this feature and this post by it’s author.
New Attributes
[Disable] attribute to create abstract test fixtures and methods.
Fluent syntax for the Data Generation framework.
Also see this series of posts on the MbUnit Data Generation Framework.

This release was made possible with contributions from Jeff Brown, Yann Trevin, Graham Hay, Vadim Kreyin and Andy Stopford. The core team also wishes to thank the help of Euan Garden, Bruce Taimana and Michael Koltachev.

Finally, with this release I am resuming my role as MbUnit’s poobah and help drive Gallio and MbUnit on to the next milestone.


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